who we are

our purpose

We serve, by providing only the finest ideas in human problem solving for people and businesses everywhere.


Problem Space, formerly known as 3it was formed in 2008 to provide high quality technology education to minority groups interested in learning a new skill or transitioning their careers.  We never wavered from this path over the year, despite working closely with government, businesses and training over 10,000 people. if anything, our years in this space proposing and implementing solutions for our clients has given us an intimate understanding of problems affecting people and businesses on the African continent.

This gave birth to the Beta Velocity TM framework that has since improved our problem-solving capabilities and increased customers satisfaction. Africa was the perfect theater to test this framework, especially since it lacked the basic technology infrastructure taking for granted everywhere else. 
We are now bringing this framework to the developed world and very confident that it would help speed value delivery for businesses building complex solutions that would solve the worlds pressing problems.

our values

Human problem solving starts here. Our values define who we are. they guide the way we work with our communities, each other and with our business partners.

to the communities we serve, we give the most and that’s what makes us human.

We make sure that our team members feel seen, heard and valued.

By seeking only the most qualified talent, we can ensure quality comes naturally.