Did you know that agile professionals are some of the highest paid in technology today?


We are experiencing a market-shift due to a global pandemic—a shift with the potential to spark higher levels of creativity, innovation, and performance. Unfortunately, few effectively transition their career to take advantage of these kinds of changes. In our virtual programs, your need for growth with be nurtured. You will be provided with training and certification so you can upskill in your current job or transition to a new career while becoming more employable and the best version of yourself.


Key Benefits
When you join any of our programs, you will be part of a growing and highly diverse community of agile professionals who are driving agility in Fortune 500 companies across the globe. You will also benefit from our job placement programs where you will contribute significantly to a team while influencing the levers that drive company success.

Program Format


Our programming is offered in several formats. 

Option 1 takes place over two weeks, with live, synchronous classes on Saturday and Sunday (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT, including a 15-minute break), one asynchronous session per week, and small group discussions for learning and networking. Class sessions will take place via the Zoom platform, with the program’s two faculty members teaching every session together. You will also have ample opportunity for interaction with faculty and peers inside and outside the class sessions.

Collaborative learning is an integral part of the learning experience. To maximize the benefit for everyone, you are expected to attend every session, complete all assignments, and contribute effectively in the class and in small groups. We advise setting aside a total of 2-3 hours per week for program work in addition to the synchronous class sessions.

Option 2 is self-directed and you will have access to three hours of instructor coaching and emails, as well networking opportunities with your student peers, and weekly educational group “fireside chats” with the instructor. 

Option 3 is completely self-directed.

Our facilitators

Problem Space Education (PSE) programs are taught by PSE faculty who are highly skilled educators excited to bring their industry experience to the classroom. During training, they will share their consulting stories from working in the field, which gives perspectives to students that helps bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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